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Warehouse and Distribution Center Design

Material Handling Systems Salt Lake County

The best warehouse and distrubtion center design will increase product flow, reduce loss, and provide better placement for worker and machine efficiency. Our warehouse and distribution system design engineers can create pick module systems and material handling systems to meet your needs.


Mezzanines can be used in your warehouse to provide extra space above the floor level. We can help create warehouse systems that utilize all of your facilities space within compliance standards.

Pick Module Designs

If you company has expanded or your shipping accuracy needs improvement, a pick module system or warehouse control is the solution. Pick Module systems provide superior space utilization reduced material handling and faster shipping. Custom pick module systems can be customized to your needs using pallet racks, warehouse conveyer systems, and warehouse equipment.  

Conveyer Systems

Conveyer systems make manufacturing and order fulfillment faster and more accurate.  Woulf Engineering can create custom conver systems or upgrade existing systems for your distrubution center design. We specialize in logistical and structural engineering to increase efficiency for manufacturing and picking.

New and Used Warehouse Equipment

We sell new and used warehouse equipment from cranes, hand trucks, Stretch wrappers, hoppers to forklifts.  Let us know what you need and we can source all of your warehouse equipment.

Picking and Shipping Module Design

New and Used Warehouse Equipment


Warehouse System Designs

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